Fonzo Has the Choicest and Sweetest Juicy Mangoes That Mingle With Refreshing Fizz to Give You a Never-before Like Bubbly Mango Experience.
Product Details
  • Ingredients

    Mango Juice Concentrate (5.5%) (Equivalent to 10.2% Mango Juice Reconstituted)
    Carbon Dioxide (INS 290)
    Citric Acid (INS 330)
    Stabilizer (INS 440)
    Sodium Benzoate (INS 211)
    Sodium Citrate (INS 331)
    Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (INS 110, INS 102) and Added Flavours
General Information
  • Size

    250 ml
  • Manufacturing Country

  • Year of Launch in India

  • Last Updated

    2021-12-06 21:04:11
  • This is a Vegetarian Product

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